The Science of Light and Sound promoting optimal health and happiness

Resonance: the quality or state of being resonant and in harmonySoundSystemchair

Light and sound: The medicine of the future. While this may seem a bit contrite, cliche and “Star trekish”,  it is in fact an emerging and recognized modality in the art and science of promoting optimal health systems in humans and animals. By  utilizing these  powerful and natural method’s, you can begin to gain control of your health and wellness . It is my mission to offer alternatives for your consideration and to educate within this area of vibrational science , in order to provide cutting edge tools for healing the body electric.

One size does not fit all: The compendium effect

Delight-with-titlePromoting optimal health resonance in humans with modalities such as Light and Sound ( both seen and unseen; heard and unheard) , allows for the body to repair itself , bypassing a myriad of medications that are considered the  solution to a “medical” issue. While there are instances that Western medical intervention is clearly required, there are now many ways that the goal of good health can be achieved without this process. I offer you a thorough look at potential health programs and healing tools that best suit your particular goals and desires. One size does not fit all.

I have been involved in this area of vibrational sciences for the direct purpose of promoting health  and wellness for more than 15 years. I am credentialed in the following :

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certification in Audio Visual Entertainment
  • Sonic induction therapist