About Me

Hi, I am Rick Cratty. Some people have called me a sound engineer but that’s not really what I do. I help people literally change their minds and lives through using various types of light and sound. Let me explain a little bit more:

For more than 15 years I have been actively involved in seeking out cutting edge tools to help myself and othersĀ  gain more health and happiness. For 5 years I had a studio at the Lincoln Arts Center in Santa Rosa where I provided light and sound sessions.

I now have even more tools at my fingertips: the Biomat 7000, the Lumatron and a zero gravity sound chair. Imagine time at a spa, providing deep relaxation, but you don’t have to take your clothes off. You will get a personalized session.

I hold certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Audio Visual Entrainment and Sonic Induction Therapy. While I would love you to come see me, these techniques and devices can eventually be self-administered. They are scientifically based with clinical trials and results.

Here’s what Clare Macey had to say:

I would recommend this light, sound and far infrared treatment to anyone who is looking for an alternative method to calm and heal their ailments that have to do with a mind-body connection, as it seems to gently align them.

The most surprising and very noticeable effect was the continuing sense of happiness I felt for many hours after the treatment. I could feel waves of happiness come over me, even in the midst of a difficult situation, where before there had been a lot of grief and stress.